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Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 21: Out with a Bang!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the twenty first episode of “Crafting with…Courtney!” I’m here to make crafting fun, easy, and good for you!

I really love planning out my Cannith Crafting items. Sometimes, the more complex and cool they are, the better! But sometimes even the most dedicated crafter has “leftover” essences, or just wants to make something quick. Today’s quick recipe is all about Runestones, which are a great way to make easily-crafted items that pack a punch!


Runestones can be crafted in stacks of ten, and are Bound to Account. You make them, put them into one of your hotbars, and then chuck them at your enemies by clicking on the item in your hotbar! They come in three varieties; stun, petrify, and flash. They also come in four strengths; minor, lesser, greater, and major! Minor Runestones have the lowest minimum level and recipe requirements, and the minimum levels and requirements go up from there. The main difference between the strengths is the saving throw needed to overcome them, so the more powerful, the more likely they are to affect your target!

Let’s make a stack of Minor Stun Runestones, which I like to call Bang Snaps! To make Bang Snaps, you’ll need:

  • The ability to make a level 8 Arcane shard
  • 1 Greater Arcane Essence
  • 4 Lesser Arcane Essences
  • 1 Siberys Dragonshard Fragment

Making the Runestones is as easy as combining the ingredients in the Crafting Device for Bound Shards, and clicking “craft”! That’s it!


One nice thing about the Runestones is that you do not need to equip them, they can be used as long as they are on a hotbar. They also stack on each other in your inventory!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of “Crafting with…Courtney!” If you would like to see a recipe card for Bang Snaps, click here! Don’t forget to click here as well to check out our entire Crafting Cookbookin the DDO Compendium!

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