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Update 14 Patch 1 Official

Release Notes: Update 14 Patch 1

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Wednesday, July 11th 2012.

Of Special Note

New Raid Available

Journey to Lolth’s home plane, the Demonweb, in this Raid quest! Battle demon hordes and confront the spider goddess herself as you attempt to stop her scheme. Included in the Menace of the Underdark Expansion. If you haven't purchased Menace of the Underdark yet, click here to learn more!

Druid News

Veteran Status & Reincarnations

Starting Friday, July 13th, players can use all forms of Veteran Status and Reincarnation on the Druid class.

Druid in the DDO Market

The Druid is now available for purchase in the DDO Market! To celebrate, enjoy 20% off Druid Pack from July 13th-15th!

Druid Free Trial

There will also be a free trial of the Druid class from July 13th – July 15th! For those who do not already own the Druid, head over to the Character Creator and create one during the free trial from July 13th-15th! After the trial ends, your character will be locked. If you decide to purchase the Druid Pack, your character will be unlocked and you can continue to enjoy the Druid character created! Remember that Druid is also free to VIPs!


  • Dryad and Tower Challenges now properly give out points for Monster kills after their Completion Conditions have been met.
  • Players in the Dryad Challenges can't hide inside the Great Tree anymore.
  • Free daily Challenge Tokens are once again Bound to Character.


  • Artificer
    • Artificers will now have their class icons and levels displayed properly in the Friends List.
    • The artificer's iron defender now gains epic levels.
  • Druid
  • The Druid Past Life has been updated to the following: You were a druid in a past life. You occassionally find yourself gazing at the stars and get sentimental around mistletoe. Each time you acquire this feat your summoned creatures, charmed minions, and hirelings gain +2 to all ability scores. This feat can be stacked up to three times.
  • When Season's Herald druids switch seasons, visual effects now play on the avatar.
  • Fixed a text issue with the Dryad summoned by the Summon Nature's Ally IX spell. It now has the correct name.
  • Druidic oath text now mentions that rune arms are forbidden.
  • Druids will now have their class icons and levels displayed properly in the Friends List.
  • The druid's animal companion now gains epic levels.
  • Leap of Faith now regenerates properly.
  • Monks should no longer lose effects when they switch between being centered and uncentered.
  • Fixed an error that was causing Monk Water Stances to give incorrect Dodge bonuses. Corrected the strings to describe that they are no longer giving Dodge bonuses to Armor Class, but are instead giving Dodge percentage bonuses. The fourth tier has been improved, and now grants +4% Dodge instead of +3%.
  • The Ranger enhancement Elemental Empathy now appears in its proper place in the enhancements UI.
  • Rogue Deadly Shadows works again.
  • Favored Souls
  • Monks
  • Ranger
  • Rogue


  • Dodge tool tip now tracks passive dodge bonuses correctly.
  • Defensive Stances such as Combat Expertise, Defensive Fighting, and Resilience were giving a -5 caster level penalty in addition to modifying spell cooldowns. The caster level penalty has been removed.
  • Glancing blows now correctly apply in Power Attack and Combat Expertise stances.


  • Crafters will now get a larger portion of platinum back when deconstructing items; in some cases an amount equal to the value that would have been received from a vendor.
  • Epic level weapons that have been disjuncted for use in Cannith Crafting now properly have an Absolute Minimum Level of 20.


  • Ninja Spy I now once again correctly sets short swords to be ki weapons.
  • All Armor Class Boost enhancements now correctly give +5/+10/+15/+20 AC.
  • All Attack Boost enhancements now give +2/+4/+6/+8 to hit.

Epic Destinies

  • Icons for trained epic enhancements that require multiple choices will no longer overwrite the icons that are supposed to be in the same location in different epic trees.
  • The Epic Destinies UI now warns you that you need more points if you attempt to purchase something that you have insufficient points for.
  • Updated the instruction messaging/tips to be more clear in the UI on when you can access and meddle with your destinies using the destiny UI.
  • Loom of Destiny will now tell you that it did something when you use it.
  • Resetting epic destinies using plat now shows the right cost in the confirmation.
  • Fixed an issue with the description on Epic Moments where it claimed you could recharge them by resting, rather than by meeting the requirements.
  • Fearsome Invulnerability will no longer gain charges if you have already gained a use of the Epic Moment and haven't spent it yet (or if the Moment itself is always active).
  • The Legendary Dreadnought Innate abilities Unmovable and Thick Skinned no longer share a cooldown with other Action Boosts.
  • Changes have been made to the effects of the elemental attacks in Legendary Dreadnought:
    • Volcano's Edge Melee Attack: On Hit: 100 Fire damage. On Critical: Target takes incineration damage. On Vorpal: 10d100 Fire damage. Requires a kama, knife, sickle, or sword to be equipped in your main hand.
    • Anvil of Thunder Melee Attack: On Hit: 100 Sonic damage. On Critical: Target is stunned for 6 seconds. On Vorpal: 10d100 Sonic damage. Requires an axe, hammer, maul, or pick to be equipped in your main hand.
    • Lightning Mace Melee Attack: On Hit: 100 Electrical damage. On Critical: Gain +15% enhancement bonus to melee doublestrike for 6 seconds. On Vorpal: 10d100 Electrical damage. Requires a club, greatclub, mace, morningstar, or quarterstaff to be equipped in your main hand.
  • Fatesinger
  • Grim Fate's duration is now 60 seconds.
  • Bound Fate's duration is now 45 secs, and grants 6/10/12% vulnerability instead of 5/10/15
  • Masked Ball now grants +1 Cha instead of +2
  • Masked Ball must be purchased in order to use it.
  • Fatesinger's Repertoire now correctly shows a passive icon.
  • Bard Fatesingers now do not receive a duplicate Inspire Courage Feat.
  • Fatesinger now correctly gains arcane levels
  • Magister will no longer unlock access to Fatesinger too early.
  • Fatesinger Reign's thunderclap now activates on Unarmed vorpal attacks as well. Unarmed attacks may trigger Harmonic Resonance.
  • Re-fixed an issue that prevented non-Bard Fatesingers from gaining songs.
  • Rain of Arrows now has a 10% chance to deal 10d100 damage each second to nearby enemies. Each of the ten dice of damage is of a random damage type.
  • Fey Favor stacks correctly when spellcasting even if you aren't wielding a ranged weapon.
  • Healing Spring now stacks with all other healing effects.
  • The following abilities now properly work with handwraps: Tunnel Vision, Unstoppable Fury, Sense Weakness, Insult, Injury, Gird Against Demons.
  • Unstoppable Fury triggers correctly on all misses now.
  • Gird Against Demons now stacks with all pre-existing effects.
  • Primal Scream and Boulder Toss no longer have arcane spell failure.
  • Fury of the Wild now grants primal caster level equal to your Fury of the Wild level.
  • Insult debuff now gives -10 AC, -10 Concentration, -10% Fortification, +2 Strength, + 2 Constitution.
  • Fury Made Placid: No longer can you paralyze yourself or friends with heal.
  • Fury of the Wild: You won't sometimes get stuck being unable to rage for an invisible duration.
  • Shiradi Champion
  • Fury of the Wild
  • Shadow Lance has been updated to more accurately communicate its damage and DC calculations.
  • Draconic Incarnation abilities will no longer break and do half damage at caster levels above 20.
  • Draconic Fury now grants 50 spellpower instead of 20.
  • Draconic Perception now grants its proper reflex save bonus in the highest tier.
  • Unyielding Sentinel now grants divine caster levels equal to your Unyielding Sentinel level.
  • Unyielding Sentinel Legendary Shield Mastery now properly grants 2%, 4%, and 7% doublestrike.
  • Enemies who fail the initial save are erased from existence.
  • Enemies who make their save are paralyzed for six seconds, and can still be attacked during that time.
  • After six seconds, enemies who were paralyzed take 1000 damage (fortitude for half), and can act again.
  • Unyielding Sentinel: Vigor of Battle: Now properly grants 10% healing amplification.
  • Lucidity now grants: +2/+4/+6 to Concentration and Diplomacy, +1/+2/+3 to Use Magic Device, plus an extra Song per rest.
  • The Grandmaster of Flowers' Epic Moment, Everything is Nothing, has been updated:
  • The Grandmaster of Flowers enhancement window no longer shows every rank of each passive enhancement you have. Instead, it only shows the highest rank.
  • Exalted Angel properly grants divine caster levels.
  • Divine Wrath should now function. It now uses the better of Wisdom or Charisma to calculate DC's.
  • Avenging Light now uses the better of Wisdom or Charisma to calculate DC's.
  • Grandmaster of Flowers: An incorrect icon in the enhancement tree for Light as a Feather has been changed.
  • Grandmaster of Flowers: The cooldown for Inner Focus has been reduced from 300 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • Echoes of the Ancestors text is now more consistent.
  • Exalted Angel


  • Lilo Blackstitch's Skill descrptions now match actual skills.
  • Gold Seal Epic Hirelings can be summoned anywhere in the dungeon just like their heroic Gold Seal counterparts.
  • Sledge now has repair potions.
  • Pets/Hirelings will now teleport to the master if the master just teleported (such as a dimension door), rather than attempting to run to the master's new location first.


  • The "Nightmares" effect on Terror and other items now triggers On Vorpal Hit instead of On Critical Hit.
  • Flawless Green Dragonscales are no longer bound.
  • Seal of House Dun'Robar, Seal of House Szind, and Seal of House Avithoul no longer incorrectly Bind on Acquire.
  • It is now possible to place your Rune Arm in a trap-making device, along with Dust of Disjunction, to get a new one that has been wiped clean of any effects added with Cannith Crafting. Note that Toven's Hammer will remain properly upgraded except for Cannith Crafting effects.
  • Colored borders on item icons have been further adjusted to be less obtrusive, and easier to distinguish between items you cannot use/are not proficient with, and new items in your inventory.
  • All of the various container bags (ingredients bags, gem bags, etc.) and quivers will no longer take item wear damage.
  • The icon of the Undersun Goggles has been changed.
  • Items that, before MotU, had Lesser Potency VI had mistakenly ended up 4 Spell Power higher than items that had Potency VI. They have now been switched around to the correct values.
  • Xorian Madness: Subtle Ambition will now properly apply the bonus it is supposed to add to the Saving Throw DC's of your Illusion spells.
  • Glass Jaw Strike will now properly daze enemies on a natural 20 attack roll.
  • Proof against Poison will now properly provide all of the bonuses it claims to.
  • Proof against Disease will now properly provide all of the bonuses it claims to.
  • Named handwraps can now be converted to Collars for Artificer pets and Druid pets. You can convert them using Mechanical Trap Parts or Cannith Crafting Essences at a trap station.
  • Half Plate armors should no longer leave you in your skivies.


  • Fixed an issue where Kobolds were sometimes appearing in higher difficulty settings rather than the actual monsters native to the quest/region.
  • Epic monster spell casters will now cast spells that are sufficiently, rather than totally insanely, lethal.
  • Epic casual monsters now spawn with correct CR.
  • The Bebilith is growing smarter all the time. It's like some crazy intelligent demonic spider or something. Now it understands that people can hit it from far away.


  • The entrances leading from Eberron to the Forgotten Realms and vice versa are now usable by more people.
  • Quest Critical NPCs can no longer be killed by friendly fire.
  • Fixed another crashing issue in Devil Assault.
  • Fixed several issues with Epic shards and token fragments in the Web of Chaos chain.
  • Fixed an issue where Epic Casual was not properly scaling to be Casual.
  • Fixed an issue where some Epic Normal monsters were of Epic Elite CR.
  • Jeets will now wait until you're fully loaded in before he attempts to talk at you.
  • Some acid puddles in the Underdark are more acidy.
  • Corrected some DM voiceovers so that they don't override each other.
  • Fixed several stuck spots in "Don't Drink the Water".
  • Improved performance for the random encounter "Propriety of Piety" when it appears.
  • Fixed evil/good trap effects for wards and enviromental effects. Evil/good based trap effects are "will" based saving throws.
  • Spining blade traps no longer spin forever.
  • Sschindylryn Adventure Area: Fixed an issue where certain explorer scrolls were not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing recall out of the quest "The Portal Opens"
  • Sinister Storage: Fixed a problem which prevented Taken reinforcements from appearing.
  • King's Forest Random Encounters: Removed some unintentional text that appeared in "The Antidote"
  • Underdark Adventure Area: Fixed an issue where Durnibas Uxyndar's chest would not unlock after completion
  • The Cloven-Jaw Scourge: Blockade - Fixed an issue where the objective "Defeat the kobold ambush" could not be completed.
  • King's Forest Random Encounters: Fixed some instances of NPCs not responding when being talked to.
  • House of Broken Chains: Fixed an issue where a slave pen door would not open after being set on fire. You may now resume burninating it open.
  • No more 0 XP, level 1 epic dungeons.
  • In Forgotten Realms quests, there are now a few less monsters in dungeons on Normal difficulty. Hard and Elite are unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue in Partycrashers where some Tiefling bosses were not spawning in at the correct CR on Epic Elite.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

  • When respeccing feats, it now takes the highest level first (Fred now understands how multiple toughness feats work).
  • Players will now correctly receiving an ability point advance at level 24.


  • The Druid spell Ice Flowers now has the correct visual effects.
  • The Druid spell "Tenacious Pack" has been fixed. It will no longer make your pack immune to healing, and it will actually grant the fortification bonus that it says it does. It also no longer scales with level: it provides a 30% healing amp bonus, and 30% fortification.
  • Freedom of Movement now protects against magic effects only, not effects that are non-magical in origin.
  • Wail of the Banshee now shows its visual effects.
  • Spells that gain reduced benefit from spell power now mention it in their descriptions (Heal, Mass Heal, and some spell-like abilities).


  • Start Menu icons can each be dragged onto hotbars.
  • The main cursor is now easier to see.
  • There is a new key mapping option called "Attack (UI Mouseover Compatible)". This option is the same as the Attack key, except that it will also function when the mouse is over a UI element, unlike normal Attack. When this key is tapped, the avatar will swing their weapon.
  • The target and Campaign UI bits will now properly be hidden when you hide the UI for pretty screenshots! Have I mentioned Screenshot of the Week?
  • Updated the visuals of the King's Forest Map so that it's easier to understand.
  • Active Epic Destinies now show up on a separate line in the examination window.
  • The tooltips in Start Menu entries now show the currently bound hotkey in them rather than the default.
  • Corrected a display error with buff timers sometimes counting down improperly.


  • Corrected an issue that caused amenities to go invisible and be inaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue with downward spiraling sound volumes. Sound levels should now be more consistent, and remember where you put them.
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck in a "Save Changes" dialog in the LFM.
  • Fixed a crashing issue during reincarnation.
  • Added in more sound effects for monsters and NPCs that were previously not playing.
  • Made significant optimizations to server memory allocations.
  • Removed all suggestions to take the "Combat Casting" feat from the chargen advice for all classes.
  • Fixed a problem where the Wisdom description in chargen wasn't fitting in the UI.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong loading screen was displayed when travelling from Eveningstar Cavern to the Demonweb.
  • Players will no longer fall from ladders when bumping into other players climbing down into PvP brawling pits.
  • Players will no longer climb in the air rather than on the ladder if certain races are sharing the ladder with them.

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