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5th Birthday Official

News & Notes

Of Special Note:

Celebrate DDO's Birthday With a Special Event!

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about treasure hunting, an old acquaintance has the ultimate challenge for you! Help Euphonia Teles thwart the droves of pirates seeking the map to Crystal Cove. Don your new pirate hat, get there first, and employ everything in your power to reap rewards unlike you’ve ever seen before:

  • Celebrate DDO’s birthday with your new pirate hat and join thousands of other players in a brand new live event.
  • Visit Sailor Calatin in the Harbor and sail to Smuggler’s Rest.
  • Unlock Crystal Cove and hire Kobolds to do all your heavy lifting!
  • Free Traveler Tokens and Blessings of the Traveler to join in this year’s Marketplace Egg Hunt!

Any characters created prior to the 5th Birthday patch will receive a gift! Players will be gifted a voucher for a free pirate cap while the live event is running, the voucher can be redeemed in Smugglers Rest for a fancy hat. Hat colors will vary but can be bartered for a different color. Character gift list, based on the amount of time a character has played DDO:

  • Tier 1: Swabby’s Kerchief a simple Bandana
  • Tier 2: Freebooter’s Bandana a Striped Bandana
  • Tier 3: Corsair’s Skullcap a Striped Bandana with Skull Brooch
  • Tier 4: Captain’s Chapeau a Feathered Hat
  • Tier 5: Admiral’s Tricorne an Admiral’s Hat
  • Tier 6: Dread Admiral’s Tricorne an Admiral’s Hat with Skull Brooch

Each Character's gift will be elevated one “tier” for each of the following conditions:

  • Active VIP Subscription: +1 Tier
  • Founder Account: +1 Tier
  • Character has True Reincarnated one or more times: +1 Tier

Armor Appearance Kits

  • The four currently-available Armor Appearance Kits are getting a new color! Each of the kits now includes a black color variant, with 11 unique appearances each! (Coming soon!)
  • Armor Appearance Kits now appear under Armor in the inventory list view.
  • Armor Appearance Kits now function on the Full Plate of the Defender, and the Chain Shirt of Crippling.


  • The salesman in the Airship Showroom now correctly opens the DDO Store to Astral Diamonds when players click on the relevant link.
  • A "Buy Now" button has been added to a player's personal bank, if the player has not yet purchased both bank slots.

DDO Store

Butter Rum Coffee x5

Get special hit point and spell point regeneration in public areas, and restore uses of bard songs or cleric turn undead attempts. Beneficial effects are removed on rest, or when leaving a public area. Lasts 10 minutes, and causes fatigue when the effects wear off.

Pirate Grog

Get more pirate doubloons for Euphonia's Treasure Challenge! Pirate Grog will cause enemy humanoids that you kill anywhere in-game to have a chance of dropping doubloons used to purchase and enhance cool event items. Lasts for one hour.

Pirate Port

Instantly return to Crystal Cove's entrance to talk to the foreman from anywhere inside the quest! Not usable in other quests or public areas.

Treasure Compass

Gain access to Crystal Cove during Euphonia's Treasure Challenge. This item can also drop in-game from any of the pirate enemies in Smuggler's Rest, and can also be acquired from Euphonia's Barter Box.

Corsair's Skullcap

The skullcap has three special, customizable treasure effects slots. Item comes in a random color that may not match the in-store image. The color can be changed in-game, or with DDO Store Pirate Hat Dye.

Captain's Chapeau

The Chapeau has three special customizable treasure effect slots. Item comes in a random color that may not match the in-store image. The color can be changed in-game, or with DDO Store Pirate Hat Dye.

Dread Admiral's Tricorne

This hat has three special customizable treasure effect slots. Item comes in a random color that may not match the in-store image. The color can be changed in-game, or with DDO Store Pirate Hat Dye.

Pirate Hat Dyes

Permanently change the color of your pirate hat or bandana. Only usable on pirate hats and bandanas from Euphonia's Treasure Challenge event. You can also choose to revert to your hat's original color using the plain hat dye in-game.


Requisitions are used to help kobold miners in Crystal Cove! The Kobold Worker requisition increases your kobold worker cap, the Kobold Teleporter adds another teleporter, the Crystal Barrel increases your kobold barrel cap, and the Incense Torch increases your incense torch cap.

UI Improvements

  • Fixed a visual display error in the character selection screen.

Hireling Changes

  • Rogue hirelings will now attempt to unlock chests and disable devices when directed to do so.
  • Fixed an issue that caused quest panel confusion when using a hireling.

Race Changes

  • Half-orc great axe and maul animations have been corrected.

Quest & Adventure Area Changes

Attack on Stormreach

Blockade Buster

  • Crests will now teleport to the raft if they are dropped inside of a sunken ship.
  • Ship doors are now set to allow usage without breaking stealth.


  • The optional experience has been lowered for poisoning the Droaam encampment's well.
  • Some crates have been moved to prevent a stuck spot.


  • Players will no longer levitate above a hole in the quest.
  • A jumping route across the minefield has been obscured a bit to better indicate that the path is a secondary way across the room.

Deception in Stormreach

Eyes of Stone

  • Monsters and hirelings will now move properly through the gates in the courtyard.

Gianthold Tor

Reaver's Bane

  • Corrected a text error in Crag's dialogue.

Path of Inspiration

I Dream of Jeets

  • A "secret" rest shrine has been fixed.


  • Spells that fail due to a concentration check or arcane spell failure will no longer produce their associated spell effects (projectile, ray, etc.)
  • The duration of Dimension Door has been changed to 30 seconds.


  • There are now Restoration recipes for Epic Carnival/Red Fens items. If an item was improved for Update 8, players can now use three Epic Dungeon Tokens in a Stone of Change, along with the item, to upgrade the item to its improved state (or remove the item's augment slot, if the item has one.)
  • Risia Ice Games enchantments are once again visible on items during examination.


  • The Might of the Abishai set bonus has been changed to a +3 increase to the wearer's Conjuration spell DCs (and +1 in the case of the lower tiers.)
  • Named handwraps now correctly appear with a golden examination border.

Other Changes

  • Guild airships will no longer get into a state where players cannot get aboard them.
  • Guild successors will now be able to usurp control of the guild if a guild leader has not logged into their leader character for 180 days. The ability to usurp does not currently pass to officers or members if there is no successor, or if the successor is also inactive. This is a temporary solution that will be replaced with a more complete system in the next update.
  • A succubi in the illusionists' show in the Marketplace has been educated on the location of the the ground.
  • Some guards in House Deneith were rudely causing players to become trapped behind them. Their physics have now been turned off, and their pay docked.

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