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Update 11 Patch 1 Official

Release Notes: Update 11 Patch 1

Welcome to the Update 11 Patch 1 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011.

News & Notes

General Changes


  • Artificers now function with Veteran Status, and artificers will now start on the airship "The Heart of Wind" if a player has earned or purchased Veteran Status, instead of the Shipwreck Shore. Please note that players are still not able to use +1-5 Lesser and Greater Reincarnations to swap levels into Artificer. This is expected to be offered as an option in a future update.
  • Artificers can now tumble with Rune Arms equipped without having to press the Shift key twice.
  • Blocking with a rune arm equipped now causes the rune arm to charge towards its stable charge point.
  • Artificers now receive the Sneak feat at 1st level.
  • Artificers will no longer receive error messages when trying to cast inscribed Repair and Inflict spells.
  • Artificers can now revive their dead Iron Defenders, even if the Iron Defenders are in another instance.
  • Artificers should no longer become permanently stuck in a rune arm charging animation.
  • Iron Defender modules made from handwraps now have the proper icon.
  • Artificer feats which modify the caster level for potions now function correctly.
  • Artificers can no longer select a non-functioning Power Critical: Ranged feat as a selected feat at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, or 20.
  • The description of Artificer Craft Mastery has been changed to, "Each copy of this feat grants a +1 bonus to crafting level in all crafting schools."
  • The Artificer spells Elemental Weapons, Adamantine Weapons, and Byeshk Weapons now works on handwraps.
  • An Artificer's Inflict and Deconstruct spells no longer have an infinite range, and are properly affected by the Enlarge Spell feat.
  • All Artificer level 5 spells now indicate their spell level in their icons.
  • Artificer item enchantments with passive effects (like Lucky Cape) now persist through death.
  • The pet button now displays, but is greyed out, if a player has a pet, but that pet is not summoned.
  • The homunculus character sheet can now be brought to the front of a stack of UI panels.


  • Fixed a bug that was giving Rangers and Paladins 17 spell points at level 4 instead of the intended 20 spell points, and giving these classes 10 spell points at level 5 instead of the intended 15 spell points.


  • All non-named returning throwing weapons are now craftable.
  • Handwraps are now usable in recipes that require the target weapon to be bludgeoning (Stunning, etc.)
  • Players can no longer attempt to add two spell effects to craftable weapons which can result in extra charges for one spell effect.
  • The color of the success rate text is now gray for recipes which have lower than a 50% success rate.
  • The alert that displays when a player levels up in a crafting school now tells a player what school the player has leveled up in.
  • Bodyfeeder now works correctly on crafted handwraps.
  • Competence and Enhancement Bonuses to attack now stack on crafted handwraps.
  • It is now possible to deconstruct the enhancement bonus from handwraps.
  • Long crafted item names no longer overlap with an item's bound text.
  • The Mark of the Silver Flame and Mark of Yugoloth now work properly on the Holy Burst Shard and Attack Bonus +4 Shard.
  • Liquid Knife Potions, Lorinda's Ultimate Removers, and Parfett's Leading Dissolvers are now purchasable in stacks of ten.
  • Maker's Crafting Tutorial now correctly states that crafted Bound items are Bound to Character, instead of Bound to Account.
  • The Unbound Items panels now close properly when players leave their vicinity.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing inaccurate minimum level change information in recipe tooltips in the Cannith Binding Station.


  • Air Elemental and Djinni whirlwind knockdown damage has been modified to scale with the elemental's hit dice, and the DC for the initial knockdown is now an opposed roll (1d20 + target's Strength or Dexterity modifier vs. 10 + Djinni's Casting Ability or Air Elemental's Constitution modifier.) Players that are not using shields are no longer immune to the knockdown effect. Summoned monsters affected by effects such as Bear's Endurance or Augment Summoning will see these bonuses reflected in their DC's.
  • Artificer Flame Turrets and summoned monsters will now display text to the player to indicate how much damage they are doing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented magefire cannons from attacking stationary targets when becoming defenders.

DDO Store

  • Attempting to purchase an inventory or bank upgrade with a full inventory will no longer return an error message.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong color to display on female characters with darker skin colors wearing the Plains armor appearance kits.

Enhancements, Feats, and Skills

  • The Artificer Past Life feat now persists correctly through multiple True Reincarnations.
  • Players will now see a bulls eye icon in front of damage when using Point Blank Shot.
  • The Construct Essence feat now states that it gives 50% vulnerability to rust damage.
  • The Assassin's vorpal strike now does its appropriate damage when a target has more than one thousand hit points.


  • Hirelings and pets will no longer use special attacks like Smite Evil or Assassinate against breakables. This will cause pets to not attack breakables.
  • Hirelings should no longer disengage midcombat and run back to the master.
  • Hirelings will no longer freeze for up to 10 seconds while using special attacks.
  • Cleric hirelings should now notice and attack enemies with melee weapons when set to active, in addition to using offensive spells. Cleric hirelings should also defend themselves more reliably when being attacked while in defensive mode.
  • Hirelings and pets are now more responsive to player commands. Please note that hirelings and pets will not stop in mid-action to listen to new orders, but will perform the requested action as soon as they are able to do so.
  • Hirelings will now indicate cool downs and queued abilities on the hireling hotbar, so that they can better communicate when they are otherwise occupied. The cooldown overlay is also now darker for increased legibility.
  • Hirelings and pets in defensive stance will no longer aggro monsters without orders to do so, but will still aggro in order to defend their masters or guarded targets if their master or guarded target takes damage.
  • Hirelings and pets will now follow their masters more closely.
  • Hirelings and pets will now eventually disengage from monsters if they cannot reach the monsters and the monster is not damaging them or their master.


  • Enhancement Bonuses on Docents now correctly apply their bonuses on an Artificer's Iron Defender.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders will no longer be dismissed when inviting someone to your guild airship, and players should no longer receive messages stating, "Your pet is too far away from you to receive communications from you." when inviting a player to an airship.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders can now wear vendor-purchased docents.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders now automatically stabilize when incapacitated.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders now gain the benefits of Augment Summoning from temporary sources.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders now correctly fall over when incapacitated.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders now regenerate hit points in taverns.
  • An Artificer Iron Defender's fortification now properly displays on their character sheet.
  • Artificer Iron Defenders now properly break enemy Damage Reduction.
  • Dismissing an Artificer Iron Defender prior to resting will now return an Iron Defender to full Hit Points when re-summoned.
  • Resetting an Artificer Iron Defender's enhancements now displays the proper text if the player does not have enough money to afford it.

Guild Airships

  • Altars of Epic Rituals can once again be purchased and placed onto airships.
  • Training Dummies can no longer be destroyed by a monk's Void Strike IV.


  • The Outsider Bane properties now function correctly on crafted handwraps.
  • Anarchic handwraps now bypass Chaotic damage reduction.
  • Rune Arms now properly uncenter monks.
  • Artificer scrolls now have varying costs, depending on their level.
  • The UMD required to use Artificer scrolls has been increased.
  • Night-Black Coffee is now tastier than ever! Level 11-15 characters will now receive 15 hit points and 30 spell points back per tick, and level 16-20 characters now receive 20 hit points and 40 spell points back per tick. Level 1-10 characters receive the same amount of hit point and spell point regeneration as before (10 hit points and 20 spell points per tick.)
  • The Pumpkin Grenade, Vials of Seafog, Jolly Roger Bombs and other grenades from the Mabar and Crystal Cove events can once again be used by any class.
  • Crossbows should no longer sometimes fire bolts with a reload animation, and reload with a fire animation. Crossbows will also no longer attempt to automatically reload themselves if a player is out of combat for four seconds with an unloaded crossbow.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to receive an error message that a rune arm, "does not belong to your team" when trying to equip rune arms onto their artificers.
  • Veteran Status starter armor and docents are now randomly-generated treasure, both in their properties and appearance.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Slayer Boost Potions to not pause properly when in quests that take place outdoors.
  • The Wraps of Endless Light now have the property Light Bringer instead of Disruption.
  • Weapon tool tip damage bonuses have returned.
  • Off-hand weapons will now equip into a character's main hand, if no main hand weapon is equipped.
  • The Starter Crossbow no longer claims to be a quarterstaff.
  • The minimum level of base Alchemical shields are now 12.
  • Roderic's Wand, Epic Roderic's Wand, and the Shard of Xoriat no longer work in public areas.
  • The Xoriat Arrows now work correctly.
  • Items made from steel no longer incorrectly state that they are made of crystal.
  • The Paranoia Xoriat armor effect now applies the proper amount of hate reduction.
  • Destruction and Improved Destruction have been changed. These effects now have a duration of 20 seconds each, and reduce Fortification as well as Armor Class. Destruction reduces Armor Class and Fortification by 1% every time this effect hits an enemy, up to a -4 AC and -4% Fortification. Improved Destruction now reduces Armor Class by 2, and Fortification by 2%, up to -8 AC and -8% Fortification.
  • The Ghostbane Longbow, Zaramang's Longbow, and Lumric's Longbow now properly equip to the main hand weapon slot.
  • The Cannith Boots of Propulsion now correctly state that they provide a +5 Jump benefit, instead of an incorrect +5 Balance benefit.
  • The Magewright's Spectacles incorrectly stated that they gave a +5 Move Silently benefit. This has now been changed to the item's correct Enhanced Concentration +5 benefit.
  • Wands will no longer display a "string table error".


  • Warforged Titans now have a shorter knockdown radius with their hammer attacks.
  • Monsters that sometimes became stuck in a non-attacking state should no longer do so.


  • Horatin, the Dragoncraft Apprentice in Gianthold, now properly offers Dragoncrafted Armor in exchange for relics, and Singefur, the Giantcraft Apprentice, now properly offers Giantcrafted armor in exchange for relics.
  • The rogue trainer Armoth Kell in The Harbor is no longer partially inside of a box.
  • NPCs now say, "an Artificer", or "an Elf", when appropriate.

Quests and Adventure Areas

General Quest Changes

  • The descriptive text displayed when a character attempts to enter a quest that they are not eligible to receive a Bravery Bonus for has been shortened.
  • The text displayed in the XP report when a character could break an Elite Bravery Bonus streak when entering a quest on Hard difficulty now states, "Completing this quest on Hard breaks your current Elite Bravery Streak. Applying Hard Bonus."

Cannith Manufactury

Artificer Workshops
  • Metal crates can now be destroyed.
Cannith Manufactury
  • The Tinker's Goggles, Magewright's Spectacles, Fabricator's Gauntlets, and Alchemist's Crown can now appear in rare chests in the Cannith Manufactury.
  • A moving platform that was stuck in the floor now floats correctly.
  • Crates stacked on top of other crates will no longer leave behind crate bottoms when destroyed.
  • Wrack is now properly orange-named.
  • Magefire Cannons can now be properly disabled.
Blown to Bits
  • Disabling all of the Magefire Cannons will now grant more experience.
  • The text now matches the DM voice over when introducing the fight against the titan.
  • An Iron Defender that previously failed to attack now attacks correctly.
  • There is no longer an unusable chest inside of another chest.
The Lord of Blades
  • Fixed issues with DM and Lord of Blades voice over timing.
  • Martial and Mystical Power Cells now have a chance of appearing in the end chest.
  • Players can no longer become stuck between the crafting device and a wall.
  • An optional chest that was not appearing now does.
  • The Lord of Blades should no longer become stuck in an invisible state while jumping.
Power Play
  • The quest giver for Power Play now properly spells Kylea's name.
  • The arcane sludge now deals appropriate damage if characters fall into it.
  • Watchman now properly casts spells.
Schemes of the Enemy
  • The DM text and voice-over now match when entering the Schematics Room.
  • The failure dialog text when attempting to Bluff the lieutenant at the start of the quest now correctly says (Bluff) rather than (Diplomacy).

Devil Assault

Devil Assault
  • Bravery Bonuses will no longer be updated or reset by completing this quest.

Inspired Quarter

I Dream of Jeets
  • The shrines in Jeets' mind are once again accessible.
Eye of the Titan
  • The Warforged Titan should no longer become unresponsive.

Korthos Island

  • Artificers will now be properly directed to their trainers on Korthos Island.
Heyton's Rest
  • There are no longer undead that spawn when breaking sarcophagi in the hallways.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause DM audio to be cut off.
  • The quest map now has its proper "Fog of War" effect.
Shipwreck Shore
  • Fixed a typo in Cellimas' dialog in the tutorial.
  • Jeets no longer tells Artificers on the Arcane Marksman and Mastermaker paths that he is giving them a longsword, when in fact he gives them a light crossbow and bolts.

The Reign of Madness

Acute Delerium (and Delerium)
  • The Sleeping Spell Inn is no longer permanently stuck in "Xoriat Madness" lighting mode.

The Twelve

  • Fixed an issue that caused puzzle tiles to spawn too frequently, preventing completion of the dungeon.

The Vale of Twilight

Rainbow in the Dark
  • It is no longer possible to become stuck in the room where players pick up the Silver Key.

Halls of Shan-to-Kor

Cloven-Jaw Scourge
  • Fixed a possible stuck spot, and removed an invisible wall located near an Adventurer's Pack.


  • The icons for the Inflict Damage and Mass Damage line of spells have been altered to make them easier to tell from one another.
  • Prismatic Strike's spell description has been altered to correctly state that the spell does 1d3+3 points of fire, force, and sonic damage per two caster levels, up to a maximum of 40 to 60 damage at caster level 20, and that the target's melee and ranged damage is reduced by 75% on a failed saving throw.
  • Deconstruct now does rust damage instead of untyped damage.
  • Neutralize Poison now requires a material component for all classes, not just rangers.
  • Horrid Wilting now correctly applies the Enlarge Spell metamagic feat, and now centers on a selected target.
  • Bless is no longer affected by the Enlarge Spell metamagic feat.
  • Blindness no longer claims that the spell effect is permanent on enemies. The actual duration is 10 minutes.
  • The descriptions for Eladar's Electric Surge and Divine Punishment now clearly state what damage type they do.
  • Insightful Strikes now works properly with crossbows.
  • Tactical Detonation now displays the proper explosion.

UI Improvements

  • Changes have been made to the party vitals UI based on player feedback:
    • The party vitals UI has been set to its original length.
    • The displayed hit points and spell points have been moved to the right.
    • Character names are located within the party vitals bar.
    • There is now an option to show or hide homunculus vitals bars in the party UI. This will automatically adjust the space between party members' bars.
  • The party UI hit point bar will now update when temporary hit points are removed.
  • There is now an option to toggle on or off the display of party vitals numbers, separate from the option to display those numbers on a player's main vitals UI.
  • The Artificer icon now displays properly in the Looking for More panel.
  • The Quest Objective panel will no longer flicker when an objective is updated.
  • The visibility toggle button now displays a consistent graphic in the Quest panel, Chat panel, and Focus Orb.
  • The text displayed when a character reaches its maximum gold/plat limit now says, "You have reached the maximum gold/platinum limit. This character cannot hold any more currency."
  • The Inventory Panel can now be dragged to the bottom of the screen if the details pane is closed.
  • Characters who had /showhelmet toggled off prior to Update 11 can now have their helmets display again.
  • The mini-map now properly displays the names of party members on mouse-over.

Other Improvements

  • Teleporting to House Cannith now displays the House Cannith loading screen.
  • Loading screen tip #93 now includes Artificers in the list of classes that can search and find traps.
  • The Favored Soul icon in character creation no longer appears lit as if it were an active selection.

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