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Module 7 Patch 2 Official

DDO Release Notes: Module 7.0 Patch 2

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted August 20th, 2008

Of Special Note

  • The tokens from the Race to the Subterrane event have been removed. The Ritualists of the Twelve thank the citizens of Stormreach for their recent aid with unlocking the Subterrane.

UI Improvements

  • When leaving the 'Fire Caves' in Three Barrel Cove, players will now end up in the landscape and have the proper quest journal and 'Recall' button available to them.


  • Quest rewards will no longer mistakenly appear in the buy-back window


  • King Raiyum’s mummy friends, and several other monsters across Xen’drik will no longer be afraid of area effect spells and will spawn correctly. Please see the Known Issues list for specific information regarding King Raiyum.
  • Monsters that "phase in" or "unburrow" inside a persistent AoE spell (acid fog, wall of fire, etc) should now be affected by the spell more reliably.

Skills, Feats & Abilities

  • Sneaky Dwarves can now attack while they are holding their shields.


  • The descriptions for the Barbarian Power Rage enhancements 1-4 now properly mention the additional AC penalty received with these enhancements.


  • Handwraps
    • Alignment based handwraps will correctly bypass Damage reduction. This change will be retroactive, and affect handwraps already in-game.
    • In rare cases, level 10 and level 11 race restricted handwraps were not working as intended. These dysfunctional handwraps will no longer drop. Existing versions of the handwraps cannot be repaired by using a Stone of Change ritual.
    • Ghost Touch hand wraps are now working properly. Additionally a stone of change recipe can be used to repair existing the handwraps.
    • The Stone of Change ritual for force effects on handwraps is now working properly. Existing handwraps with the force rituals applied can be repaired by placing them in the stone of change.
  • The Coin Lords have made repairs to the beloved Eternal Titan Wand, and it will now function properly for lucky recipients.
  • The House Deneith has decided that only those worthy of their fine quivers should receive them, and so favor quivers provided by House Deneith are now correctly Bound on Acquire.
  • HP regeneration items are no longer negating the effects of Monk Wholeness of Body.


  • Alchemical bonuses used on armor and shields are now being applied properly. This change also affects equipment that has already had the ritual applied.
  • The Stone of Change is now accepting handwraps in addition to Tasty Hams.


  • All version of the Marilith - such as the Queen Lailat of the pre-raid and raid, as well as the Marilith in Prison of the Planes - will fight back against players. Queen Lailat will no longer have a chance of going invulnerable after teleporting away.


  • Ruins of Thernal: Escort the Expedition
    • Coyle has decided that attacking inanimate objects was not helpful to his party members.
  • Foundation of Discord
  • Patrick the Maniacal's behavior has been change such that he will no longer run around the area he drops into. This should prevent him from disappearing from the quest.
  • We have received a postcard from the Haverdasher, who had been on vacation in the Lhazaar Principalities. He is back, and expects Eyegouger's basement will need some cleaning.
  • Eyegouger’s Basement


  • A graphical issue triggered by the resurrection lever in the Reaver’s Fate has been resolved
  • The Coin Lords have commissioned the House Phiarlain to remodel the interior of their theater house.
  • Players will no longer be able to enter the PvP matching system when outside of a Tavern area.
  • It is no longer possible to abandon the The Xoriat Hound and Horned Devil Raid raid quests.
  • Lotigath, one of the rare spawns, will no longer give string table errors when speaking to him after collecting his bounty.

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