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Module 8 Patch 3 Official

DDO Release Notes: Module 8.0 Patch 3

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These Release Notes were posted Tuesday, January 20th 2009

Of Special Note:


General Changes
  • This year's Festivult is drawing to a close, and Festival Coins will no longer drop in chests. You still have the opportunity to turn in any residual coins you've collected until the Festivult Jester is ready to depart from the city.
  • The plane of Irian is shifting, and is no longer in perfect alignment with Eberron. Sun Flasks are no longer quite so bright, and other items with effects tied to the plane of light seem to be slowly weakening.


General Hireling Changes

  • There will no longer be a chance for a party to become stuck teleporting when a players with a hireling in a landscape is the first player to enter a quest.
  • Players will no longer be able to mistakenly reassign loot in a chest to a hireling.
  • Hireling kills are now correctly recorded in quests after entering the quest from a landscape area or another quest.
  • Hirelings have learned to be more responsive to your commands. If you issue the hireling a command while he is in the middle of doing something else, he will obey your commands.
  • While in Defensive mode a hireling will now consider the entire party when deciding whether to heal or not.
  • While in Defensive mode a hireling can be ordered to heal other party members, and will heal them.
  • After dying and using a resurrection shrine, hirelings will not be able to use the shrine again for at least one minute. This prevents them from creating more undead trouble than you and your party can handle in some quests.

UI Improvements

  • The "Report" button on the "Unconfirmed" tab will no longer delete ALL mail in the "Unconfirmed" tab.


General Quest Changes

Prey on the Hunter
  • The dragon chamber has had some landscape changes to remove stuck spots, for both players and dragons.
  • Aussircaex is less moody and more likely to talk to adventurers that have come to her aide.
The Jungles of Khyber
  • The Marut chasing Veil is no longer confused by aggressive adventurers. Its barrier will drop as soon as it approaches.
  • Shards, formerly collected from pillars after the giant lieutenants were killed, will now instead be found in chests at the same locations.
Gwylan's Stand
  • House Phiarlan cylinders will respawn in their original location after five minutes. If one goes missing for any reason, players can now go back and grab another.

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