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Module 1 Patch 2

Release Notes 2006-04-12

  • Scorched Caverns/Taming the Flames: The optional objectives will correctly advance. This adventure is now open again.
  • Several issues with Velah the Dragon’s spellcasting have been fixed, and we have updated some problem areas in the Plane of Night.
  • Glyphs of Ward-Breaking from the Plane of Night will now appear in the trade window when attempting to trade them to a party member.
  • Monsters should once again switch targets normally. Intimidate and diplomacy function again.
  • Monster’s self-healing behavior should be much rarer than before.
  • Class icons should now be appearing properly in LFM want ads.
  • Friends who had appeared on your friends list prior to Module 1 should now appear on it again.
  • Feeblemind is now curable by casting "Restoration" and will be until players are capable of casting the “Heal” spell.
  • You may now use rest shrines while you have an ability scores at 0 or are otherwise helpless.
  • Missile Combat has been restored to its previous state – you will now be able to fire arrows while moving again.
  • Xorian Cipher: Gatekeeper Chulkash will now allow you to get a reward if you accidentally closed the window.

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