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Update 6 Official

Release Notes: Update 6

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted Tuesday, August 17th 2010.

News & Notes

A deadly new realm is making waves in Update 6 and its waiting for you to take the plunge. The Red Fens is a violent swamp of death and terrors lurking beneath the waters. Check out DDO's first underwater experience today!

Of Special Note:

New Adventure Packs

The Red Fens

Something fishy is happening in the swamp: devious creatures from the depths of the sea have come; bringing piles of valuable pearls, evil traps, and a deadly plan that is out of this world. Delve beneath the fens to uncover the creature’s sinister secrets before the flood gates open and doom is unleashed. Will you sink or swim?

  • Battle deadly new monsters lurking in the black heart of the Red Fens!
  • Raid a sunken temple, rescue captured allies, and retrieve a precious artifact – all before dinner!
  • Guide tribal warriors through a deadly cavernous hillside so they may achieve their destiny!
  • Defend against hordes of Sahuagin and protect the last village of the Drow from the creeping threat below!
  • DDO takes combat into the depths in the first underwater DDO adventure ever created!

This level 9 adventure pack (also available for level 20 characters on Epic difficulty!) includes 4 hand-crafted adventures and a vast new wilderness area, and will be available for purchase Thursday, August 19th! This adventure pack is available free for VIPs today, August 17th! Adventurers seeking to enter the Red Fens should visit House Kundarak and talk to a dwarf with a cart.

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