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Update 15 Patch 2 Official

Release Notes: Update 15 Patch 2

Welcome to the Update 15 Patch 2 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012.

News & Notes


  • The Phiarlan Inspiration ship buff is now consistently a Morale bonus.


  • The Arcane Marksman Artificer path no longer claims to receive the Revive Pet feat twice.
  • Attempting to create a Halfling Druid on the Nature's Warrior path will no longer display an error when the "Create" button is pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where druids would not always animate their attacks while in wolf form, if they were only wearing a shield.
  • Artificers now correctly receive their last copy of Artificer Knowledge: Scrolls at level 13.
  • Pale Masters in a Shroud of Undeath form as now properly able to benefit from spell point recovering drinks in taverns.


  • Bluffed creatures will now spin in place rather than slide up to the bluffer and spin around. A creature aggro'd through Bluff will still run up to a bluffer after turning around to look behind him.


  • Fixed a typo in the Druid's Blood Moon Frenzy.
  • The Angel of Vengeance's Condemnation ability is no longer dispelled by Bless effects.
  • The Radiant Servant's Positive Energy Aura and Burst now function regardless of the currently-selected target.
  • The Paladin Divine Might and Divine Light enhancements are no longer listed under the "Unknown" type.
  • The Deepwood Sniper's Sniper Shot now performs a ranged attack with a +4 bonus to-hit, +2 to critical threat range, and +2 to critical threat multiplier. If the character successfully damages its target, the target will become momentarily confused and rendered vulnerable to sneak attacks for four seconds as if affected by the Bluff skill.
  • The Deepwood Sniper feat no longer claims that Sniper Shot doesn't break stealth.
  • Bard Spellsong Vigor and Sustaining Song can now be in effect at the same time.

Epic Destinies

  • Shiradi Champion's Audience with the Queen now provides an immediate heal.
  • Shiradi Champion's Stay Good now properly adds 7% extra light damage at rank three.
  • Only one Shiradi stance can now be active at one time.
  • The Draconic Incarnation's Go Out With A Bang effect now has a lightning bolt attached to it.
  • Fixed a tooltip error in Draconic Incarnation's Dragonhide description to better explain the bonuses provided.
  • The Magister's Charisma/Intelligence enhancement now uses the proper icon for Charisma.
  • The Magister's Transmutation Familiarity has been renamed Transmutation Augmentation.
  • The Magister's "Imperceptible Casting" enhancement now properly reads that it lasts for 30 seconds.
  • The Magister's Arcane Tempest visual effect now lasts for the full duration of the spell.
  • The Fatesinger's Bound Fate now correctly scales its vulnerabilities to various magic types.
  • The Fatesinger's Harmonic Resonance icon is now correctly square.
  • Removed "DNT" text upon login for some Dragonic Incarnation and Magister enhancements.
  • The Grandmaster of Flowers' "Light as a Feather" enhancement now always functions properly.
  • Fatesigner's Harmonic Resonance now correctly shows a +1 to Arcane level, while Repertoire has had it's incorrect +1 Arcane level description removed.
  • Magister and Draconic Incarnation no longer provides a bonus to arcane caster levels at level zero, and now provide a bonus to arcane caster levels at level 5. Magister and Draconic Incarnation now provide an additional +50 maximum spell points at level 5, for 300 total spell points. Many Draconic Incarnation abilities can now be used while moving (or standing and then moving while the ability goes off.)
  • Fatesigner's Music of the Spider Queen now requires Fascinate to purchase.
  • Shadowdancer's Improved Invisibility no longer starts with a backwards tumble, and activates while attacking.
  • Shadowdancer's Pierce the Gloom's text has been updated to make it clear that you don't get 100% bonus to your existing attack bonus, but rather that you automatically hit unless the attack roll is a one.
  • Epic Destiny trees can no longer be altered in private instances.
  • Fixed the Known Issue where the cost of resetting Epic Destinies was being deducted in copper instead of platinum.
  • Astral Vibrance now has the correct icon in the Exalted Angel tree.
  • The Legendary Dreadnought's Tactical Genius benefit now properly resets cooldowns of Tactical feats.
  • Exalted Angel: Ascendance now does what it says, and also says what it already did and still does. You still gain temporary HP sometimes when you smite things, you are an Angel Outsider, your character's health doesn't matter for Astral Vibrance or Angelic Prescence, and Astral Vibrance still doesn't cost SP while you are an Angel. Now you also properly sometimes grant temporary HP when casting healing spells on allies, and sometimes gain temporary SP when casting light spells on enemies. The text also now tells you what it was already secretly doing, which is that you deal extra light damage on vorpal hits, and even more light damage on critical hits against undead, and your unarmed attacks deal light damage instead of bludgeon. The end.
  • Exalted Angel: Strike Down is now usable, and deals its damage more consistently.


Mabar, Festival of Endless Night

  • Festive beholders will no longer give away their presence before the appropriate time.
  • The Oil of Incandescence now has a buff icon while active.


  • The Blessing of the Silver Flame favor reward now automatically applies when claimed. An item is no longer required to gain the blessing.


  • The Resilience feat no longer toggles off when a spell is cast.


  • Fixed the Stay Frosty Epic Enhancement on Tarlov Snowtrack's hotbar.
  • DDO Store-purchased Shadowdancer hirelings can now be summoned anywhere in a dungeon.
  • Fixed a typo in Veil's Action Boost: Damage II benefit.


  • Great Crossbows no longer incorrectly reduce their wielder's Armor Class by four.
  • The Big Top's bandana is red again.
  • Warforged can now consume the delicious larvae of the Xachosian Eardweller.
  • The description for the Stunning item effect has been updated to properly explain that the 3% chance to stun on attack only applies to Stunning on a weapon, while the DC bonus to Stunning Blow and Stunning Fist applies when Stunning is on any piece of equipment.
  • Golden Guile is now properly bound when upgraded to its Epic form.
  • Physical attacks from weapons that do not have a physical damage type (such as the Flame Blade) now properly respect both immunities and vulnerabilities to that energy type on their targets.
  • War Wizard robes now appear properly on female Half-Orcs.
  • Rune arms can now be used in the Stone of Change for Adamantine rituals, and to attune them.
  • Stone of Change Adamantine Rituals will no longer strip off existing Adamantine upgrades when players try to upgrade items and do not have enough materials to do so, or attempt to upgrade to the non-existent sixth tier of Adamantine Ritual. Adamantine Rituals are also now named properly in the success or failure text.
  • All Cannith Alchemical raid weapons now have their weapon damage dice increased and standardized to 2[W].


  • Driders will no longer use web line snares through walls and floors.
  • Monsters which "phase out" will do so less often, and for a shorter period of time.
  • Giants are now more awesome, and less glitchy.
  • Shadows summoned by monsters now attack players.
  • Umbral and shadow creatures no longer explode on death.

Monster Manual

  • Exterminator and Slayer deeds are now classified with Roman numerals.
  • Tomes of Learning and XP potions now increase experience gained from Deeds.
  • Fixed an issue where Warforged were listed as having no resistances.
  • Umbral Gargoyle Lords and Fire Mephits are now recorded in the Monster Manual.
  • Kobold Hunter is now set to 72 kobolds.
  • The Earth Elemental Hunter requirement was set too high, making the top tier Hunter unachievable. This has now been lowered to 24 Earth Elemental types.
  • Fixed an issue where Wolf Exterminator achievements were not always displaying.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • City, Tavern, and low-ranked food hit point regeneration has been increased slightly. Humanoid artificers with Construct Essence should now sometimes benefit from public regeneration.
  • The "floating epic token" graphic has been removed from Epic chests.


  • Removed a stuck spot.

The Lost Thread

  • Fixed an issue where the quest could fail to progress if Slavemasters were killed very quickly.
  • The Grandmaster of Flowers' Everything is Nothing and Void Strike IV abilities no longer have the chance to erase Ana, causing the quest to become uncompletable.


  • Healing stone charges can no longer drop into negative numbers.


  • Sylvie can no longer sometimes get stuck while exiting her tree.
  • Removed the potential for several stuck spots.

The Portal Opens

  • The Grandmaster of Flowers' Everything is Nothing and Void Strike IV abilities can no longer erase the Priestess of Lolth, causing the quest to become uncompletable.

Thorn and Paw

  • The focus orb for plant nodes has been improved.


  • Fixed an issue where crashing during Lesser or Greater Reincarnation could result in the loss of Epic XP.
  • Reincarnation now awards all needed experience up-front, to avoid the possibility of incorrect XP values during the reincarnation process. The process of actually leveling up remains unchanged.
  • Reincarnation dialog windows should no longer stay open after leaving the Heart of Wind.
  • Characters that mysteriously find themselves stuck on the Heart of Wind can now escape by talking to Thealeh.


  • The Druid spells Align Fang, Frostbite, and Magic Fang now state that their effects are cancelled if the Druid switches weapons.
  • Gust of Wind's tooltip has been fixed to explain that all creatures get a saving throw.
  • The trap form of the Druid spell Fire Seeds now correctly explode when an enemy steps on them.
  • The Druid's Pack Presence now now more appropriately-themed special effects.
  • The Druid's Wild Shape Elemental Toughness is now applied equally, whether in Fire or Water form.


  • Fixed an issue where using the search bar in the Adventure Compendium would clear quest listings.
  • Several outdated loading screen tips have been removed, and new ones have been added for Spell Power and Physical Resistance Rating.
  • The Campaign System now supports events like Mabar.
  • Chat notification "dings" are no longer overly loud.

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