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Update 12 Patch 3 Official

Release Notes: Update 12 Patch 3

Welcome to the Update 12 Patch 3 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012.

Of Special Note


  • Fixed an issue that could cause items to be lost when transferred into a character’s inventory from a shared bank.
  • All items from the Reaver's Fate and Accursed Ascension raids that are listed as upgradable can now be upgraded. Items acquired prior to the release of Update 12 now have associated upgrade recipes in the Stormreaver Monument and Fountain of Necrotic Might.
  • Fixed several Challenge loot items that displayed string table errors instead of effects.
  • Challenge loot that was missing its "Upgradable - Tier 1" property now has it.
  • Epic Challenge items that were giving players errors when attempting to slot augments into them will no longer do so.
  • Slotting augments into certain Challenge loot items will no longer cause string table errors to be displayed.
  • The Epic Tier 3 Ring of the Stalker will no longer display a second, nonfunctional colorless augment slot.
  • The level 4 Ring of the Stalker now has its missing +1 Seeker effect.
  • The Frozen Tunic can now be upgraded to Tier 2.
  • The level 4 Frozen Tunic now has its Minor Freezing Ice effect.
  • The level 8 Frozen Tunic no longer has two +4 armor bonuses.
  • The level 4 Spare Hand now has its Exceptional Combat Mastery +1 effect.

Quests, Adventure Areas, and Challenges

Challenge: Extraplanar Mining

  • The Marilith has been removed from this challenge.

Challenge: Lava Caves

  • Some red and orange-named monsters that appear after players reach their quotas have been made less difficult.

The Shroud

  • The damage caused by spinning blades has been reduced on Normal difficulty.


  • Gems can now be sold to vendors while located in Gem Bags. Please note that gems will continue to be displayed in gem bags once sold; this is a display issue only.

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