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Crafting with Courtney


Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 19

Who doesn’t like to dress their pets up for the holidays? I know I love giving my Iron Defender a fun spooky outfit for the Mabar Festival of Endless Night. 

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Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 21: Out with a Bang!

I really love planning out my Cannith Crafting items. Sometimes, the more complex and cool they are, the better! But sometimes even the most dedicated crafter has “leftover” essences, or just wants to make something quick. 

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Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 27: Silent Night

Getting a good night’s sleep in Stormreach can sometimes be difficult. The bed might be too hard, the inn might be too drafty, or the wailing cries of the undead outside your window might disrupt your peaceful slumber! 

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Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 15

Rune Arms all contain a certain amount of crafting potential; in this case the potential is +3. That means you can craft any shard up to a +3 potential onto it! Keep in mind that adding to the potential of the Rune Arm can dramatically increase the minimum level of an item, so be careful! Also note that you can only apply a shard to a Rune Arm once! The Rune Arm cannot be deconstructed, and the shard cannot be replaced, so keep that in mind when preparing to craft onto it!

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Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 42: “Stats Incredible!”

One of the key items every person in Stormreach needs is something to boost their main statistics. If you are the burly fighter-type, it’ll be Strength and Constitution, if you’re one of those “I read books and cast spells”-types, it’s probably Intelligence or Charisma. 

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