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Pics from PAX East!


Posted On: March 13th, 2011
Posted By: Cordovan






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Hi everyone! Thought I’d post up a few pics I took over the past two days at PAX East in Boston. I should note that these pictures were taken using my cell phone, so the quality isn’t that great, but I wanted to let everyone see our booth and stuff:

Nice pic of the Boston cityline from the convention center, I thought.

The screenprint was covered in plastic to protect it, but this is a huge piece of artwork that was given away at the Turbine fan appreciation party on Friday. This is truly awesome, I wanted one for myself soooo bad!  (FYI - this is a concept art of a dragon made for the game.)

The DDO kiosk “pillar.”

The Lord of the Rings kiosk “pillar.”

One of my favorite spots at PAX is the American Classic Arcade Museum, where they have dozens of classic arcade machines set to free to play! Moon Patrol has always been a personal favorite of mine.


The WB Games booth! You can see the DDOness from here!

Anyway, thanks everyone who stopped by, it was really great to meet you! It’s Sunday, heading back to the convention shortly…

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