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Challenge Rules: Dr. Rushmore's Mansion - Moving Targets

Quick Start Guide

  1. Find the wizard Rushmore and his four fellow outlaws. Assassinate them before time runs out!
  2. Unlock gates to quickly navigate to your target and extend your time.
  3. Watch for the clues to find the outlaws as they move throughout the Mansion!

The Rules

Assassinate Your Target

  • The vile wizard Rushmore has retreated to a magical safe-house to relax with his no-good cohorts.
  • Infiltrate their Mansion and eliminate these outlaws before time runs out!
    • Tip: You can earn extra treasure for killing red named boss monsters!
  • Outlaws can teleport to different rooms of the Mansion.
  • Outlaws who have teleported to a new location may speak a clue that can help you determine where they have gone.


  • Each Gate you open will extend your time.
  • To open a Gate, you must obtain the associated Crest(s).
  • The deeper you go into the mansion, the more Crests are required to open the next Gate.
  • Crests can be found by:
    • Breaking furniture and containers
    • Killing monsters
    • Tip: You will also occasionally find Crests lying out in the open.

The Paintings

  • There are paintings scattered throughout the walls of the mansion.
  • If you get too close to a painting, its eyes will glow red and phantasmal guards will appear to fight you.
  • The painting will continue to spawn phantasmal guards until the next Gate is opened.

Scoring & Star Objectives


You will earn points for the following:

  • Monsters killed
  • Gates opened
  • Outlaw Bosses killed

Star Objectives

Can you complete these objectives? For each blue star you earn you'll receive House Cannith favor!

  • Defeat at least one of the bosses of Rushmore's party
  • Open all the sealed gates
  • Defeat the other bosses
  • Activate every portrait of warforged
  • Kill a boss in the bathroom

NOTE: You must complete the first star objective (Defeat at least one of the bosses of Rushmore's party) to receive experience & rewards from the Challenge.

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