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Festival of the Traveler Guide

It is said that the Traveler roamed the streets of the Marketplace, leaving beautiful decorative eggs scattered around. Those who can claim the eggs can receive gifts of the Traveler. But the Traveler can be a trickster, and thought it would be fun to hide the eggs so well that no one could see them! Until now...

With the help of a special festival wanderer, you can be given the power to see what was hidden by the Traveler! By finding the decorative eggs placed around the Marketplace, you can win prizes! The more eggs you can find, the more you win!

Getting Started

To begin your scavenger hunt, grab some Tokens of the Traveler in the DDO Store and visit Taj in the northern Marketplace between the Airship Spire and the Bazaar tent. For 1 Token of the Traveler, Taj will cast a powerful spell on you that will temporary allow you to see the mysterious eggs hidden in the Marketplace! By finding at least one egg, you will gain a special Traveler's Aura. As you find more eggs, you will increase your Traveler's Aura. The greater your aura gets, the better the reward will be at the end of the hunt! 

You can see how strong your aura is by looking in the upper right corner of your screen for the aura color and number. You only have a limited amount of time to find the eggs, so move quickly and get as many as you can to boost your aura as high as possible! When you see an egg, all you need to do is run through it to increase your aura. Eggs will appear for as long as you have the Traveler's Sight effect from Taj. They appear only for you, so you don't have to worry about anyone stealing the eggs out from under you while you're trying to hunt.

Claiming Your Prize

Once the Traveler's Sight has worn off, return to Taj, who will inspect your aura and give you a random prize from her packs. Taj's bags are filled with many types of gifts, from gems and scrolls to weapons and tomes, and more! You never know what Taj will pull from her bag of gifts, but the greater your aura is, the better the chances are that the gifts of the Traveler will be something wonderful! 

While Taj is hosting egg hunts, you can participate as many times as you like as long as you can provide Taj with a token each time you'd like to begin a hunt. Don't leave the Marketplace or step inside of buildings (like the bank, taverns, or changing Marketplace instances) before claiming your prize with Taj if you've completed an egg hunt, or your aura will wear off!

Blessings of the Traveler

If you're doing well on an egg hunt, and earn a Greater Traveler's Aura (or higher), you may want to give Taj a Blessing of the Traveler! A Blessing of the Traveler allows you to receive a special prize bundle based on the strength of your Aura. With a Blessing, the rewards are more rare than Taj's standard rewards, and include things like XP potions, Gold Seal Healing Potions, and more. You can obtain a Blessing of the Traveler in the DDO Store.

You can also chose to redeem a Blessing without running the hunt to receive a Lesser Spirit Cake.

About the Traveler

The Traveler is one of the gods counted among a pantheon known as the Dark Six, though he's not known as a god of evil. A chaotic being that favors change, he is the patron god of travelers, and many adventurers and wanderers pray to him for safe journeys or blessings on their voyages. It is said that the Traveler is a being of many disguises, roaming the lands where and when you least suspect him. Known as the "Giver of Gifts," this god of creations and artifice can be as mischievous as he is mysterious, giving rise to the old adage "Beware the gifts of the Traveler".

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