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PaladinPaladins are supremely resilient and have a good balance of offense and defense. They protect and support allies better than the other melee classes, provide some healing, and wield the power of good as a mighty weapon.

Solo Ability: Very Good.

Important stats:
Strength and Charisma are the most important stats for paladins. Strength affects melee attack chance and damage, and high charisma makes many of a paladin's special abilities more powerful.

A moderate level of wisdom is also needed for a paladin to cast spells.

Notable abilities: Smite Evil, Lay on Hands.

Through their devotion and purity, paladins gain many special abilities. They can deal extra damage to evil creatures, can boost their own saves, and can use Lay on Hands to send powerful healing energy to allies.
At level 4, paladins get their first helpful spells which they can use to aid themselves or their party.

Paladins also get immunities to harmful effects like disease and fear, and radiate powerful protective auras that help defend all nearby allies.

Basic Information

Hit Die: D10
Base Skill Points Each Level: 2
Caster Type: Divine
Spell Casting: Wisdom determines how powerful a spell a Paladin can cast, how many spells they can cast, and how hard those spells are to resist.
Path(s): The Mighty Protector, The Flame of Justice, The Truthbringer, The Mighty Protector, The Flame of Justice, The Mighty Protector, The Truthbringer, The Flame of Justice
True Reincarnation Feat(s): Past Life: Paladin

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